Autism Waitlist Parent Library

Waiting until you get to the top of the waitlist is not your only choice.

We will take you through what you can do with your child, within your day, and within your home now that will make a massive difference while you wait.

Live Member Q&A last Thursday of the month 12pm PST (June 29th)

Save yourself TIME

Understanding your child's needs is transformational for your family & how you spend your time.

We bring you concise content you need to understand your child's needs and a place to get your questions answered.

Imagine being able to go to sleep knowing you have access to information on the topic you need or you can get your question answered instead of spending hours searching google. Imagine being able to do the fun things with your children instead of spending your time researching.

Save yourself MONEY

Understanding your child's needs is transformational for your family & finances.

Time is money...Reduce the time you miss at work, and therefore real financial impact on your family.

Imagine less time missed at work, less activities missed, and the possibility of less time in meetings & appointments

Save yourself STRESS

Understanding your child's needs is transformational for your family & stress level.

Surround yourself with those who understand. Have answers to the biggest questions about your child at your fingertips. Feel more confident in advocating for your child to others and in YOUR power because you know your child best.

Imagine knowing in full confidence that YOU are your child's best advocate, you know them best and you are able to explain their needs to others. Imagine you are part of a community that supports you & where you can get your questions answered. Imagine it's not all on you to find out everything.

Academy Content & Resources

Concise Training

Concise pre-recorded trainings every month

Training topics include:

  • Behaviour

  • Communication

  • Sensory considerations

  • Creating visuals to support your child

  • Teachable moments

And more....

Supplementary Materials

Written guides & tip sheets on monthly topics

Live Q&A

1 live Q&A session/month

(submit questions if you can't attend live!)

Skills Lab

Demonstration of teaching a variety of skills each month

Help your child on an autism waitlist now

How much does it cost?

The Autism Waitlist Parent Library has intentionally been created to be affordable with huge value each month. We are mission-driven and want to support as many families who need help as possible.

We currently have special pricing which will be our lowest, (ranging from $47 - $50/month) for at least our first 100 members so don't wait to join.

(If you have difficulty with this amount, please email us at [email protected] and ask about our GIVEBACK program)

How do I make the most of my membership to help my child?

The Autism Waitlist Parent Academy is being built with YOU in mind, and you can have an active role in the content which is delivered

  • Q&A ~ attend live or submit your questions in advance

  • Topic content ~ submit requests for content in upcoming months

  • Ideas board ~ submit ideas for the SKILLS LAB where I will demonstrate different methods of teaching & teaching different types of skills.


The first 100 members will be our FOUNDING MEMBERS and will have special perks & surprises.

Perk #1 - option to pay $500 ONE TIME & receive LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP as a thank you :)
This means that you will pay the price of $500 CAD just one time and you will continue to receive support year after year for the lifetime of the Academy. Only available to the first 100 members

Perk #2 - to be announced!

What's Membership PLUS?

Everything in the monthly membership PLUS

We have created membership PLUS for those parents who are wanting more frequent, individualized & ongoing support. You will receive 1 extra live zoom/month (total 2 live Q&A calls) + pocket coaching.

Pocket coaching will be conducted via voice app outside of the live zoom sessions to answer questions, celebrate wins & more.

10 places initially available, you will be notified when more spots open up.

What's your cancellation policy?

We want the membership to have the best support, training, community, tools, strategies, and resources available.

However, if for any reason the membership is not right for you right now, there is no contract, you can cancel your membership anytime.

If you choose the monthly plan - once you cancel your membership your access is removed at the end of that month & no further payments will be charged.

Annual plan - if you cancel your annual plan - you will have access to the membership until the end of the billing year of your plan but no further payment will be charged when your plan would have come up for renewal.

What's your refund policy?

We offer a 30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the membership within 30 days you may ask for a refund no questions asked.

FAQ image

Can I share the materials or are there any restrictions in how I can use the content?

When a membership is purchased this gives you ONE licence to use for yourself and your family. We do not give permission to share with others, each family unit must purchase their own membership.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you require group licences in order for school staff to use with multiple staff members or children.

Anyone not following this policy will be passed to our legal department.

Our Community. Our Values. Our Mission.

Here at Autism Waitlist we have a few values that we are passionate about:

  • YOU are the expert of your child.

  • Inclusivity

  • Integrity

  • Family

  • Simplicity instead of overwhelm

  • Compassion, empathy & kindness

  • Laughter & play is vital!

  • We believe in giving back and helping others

    (see our GIVEBACK PROGRAM)

Our Giveback Program

Here at AUTISM WAITLIST we are mission-driven and want to support those families who are LOOKING for and NEEDING support. That is why our business-model includes scholarships right from the start. Each month, we will award at least 1 family with a scholarship to the membership who may not be able to afford the cost.

Know that when you invest in the membership for your family, you are also helping families who otherwise could not receive the help.


Michelle de Beer is the owner and founder of The Autism Waitlist. She has been working with autistic children and families for over 22 years in Canada and Europe and has seen firsthand how long parents have to wait for assessment and services, as well as the unnecessary stress it brings. Autism Waitlist was founded to give families with a child on an autism waitlist support and resources to help.

Michelle de Beer, Autism Waitlist owner and founder

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